Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working space is almost finished!

This week and the previous week I've been working very hard to create a working space for myself. Some little things still need to be done, but I think it already looks stunning!!

Quick pic!

I first made a mood-board. This gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration. I put it in a frame and hung it on the wall. 

My moodboard!

The colors were chosen from this mood-board. I used three colors of paint, all from Flexa Creations. For the wall I used Pure Cocoa. This color gives a rough effect to the space. Usually I just use a homebrand paint from the local DIY-shop, this time I didn't, and I'm very happy with it! Although this paint was a bit more expensive, I only needed to paint the wall once to get this stunning effect. The light pink is Sweet Desire. I used it for the cabinet and for the little piece of the wall on the right. Then there are some details in Retro Vibe. With this yellow/green-color I painted parts of the cabinet, but also parts of the sewing box (which you can see a little bit behind the chair). 

On the left you see two simple IKEA-pinbords on which I put a simple piece of cotton with a staple gun. On these I will put all my inspiration. There are already some bags of beads and other stuff there, which I am going to use for a few pieces of Delft blue jewelry I will make for a two girls joining a wedding with Delft blue as theme!

The reason I made this room is to work on my jewelry. You can find it on Before I was always working on the kitchen table, but I had to clean it up every time we needed to use the table.

It is not totally finished yet, I still need to do a little bit of painting and also I need some more light in the room. But I'm already so happy with the result so far!