Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First blog! Exciting :-)

This will be my first blog...

I start this blog because there are always a lot of things on my mind. 
There are websites and blogs on my list to visit, DIY-projects I want to do, I want to find out what kind of job I'd like to do in the near and further future, I've been wanting to walk into nature with my camera in the early morning for ages to take some beautiful pictures en to find inspiration for whatever. Also there are lot's of friends around the country that I want to visit more often, expositions I'd like to visit, all kinds of courses I'd like to attend and all these places to discover in my city.

And then there was this blog I wanted to start. Ready to tick that of my list!

Also for me it's a big surprise what this blog is going to contain... which makes it very exciting!

I'm sorry if my English isn't always right. It seemed a good idea to practice my English while I'm writing this blog. 

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