Friday, January 13, 2012

Great friends with great ideas!

I know this spontaneous super-enthousiastic girl with great ideas. She read my blog and straight away posted something great on my Facebook-wall. It's a DIY she did herself, and she thought it might be something for my blog... well, I can't resist people with awesome ideas, so here it is!

The idea actually comes from another blog, namely A Beautiful Mess ( I'm not sure if you're supposed to copy posts from other blogs, so hopefully it won't cause any problems :-S

Anyway, this DIY is a beautiful artwork that you can hang on your wall. It doesn't cost anything to make it, and my friend Hanke Arkenbout made a beautiful piece.

Beautiful artwork by Hanke Arkenbout!

To check out how you can make such a nice piece yourself, check out!

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