Monday, January 23, 2012

Quiero! Made by Inèz

The last days/weeks I've been very busy with Quiero!, my jewelry-label (in my new working room of course!). I might want to make Quiero! my real job in the future and therefore I'm doing a lot of designing, assembling en testing.

The result, at least a part of it, can be found at my Facebook-page.

I have put a little once-only collection online: 'Feel Africa'. In this collection I used earthly colors and wooden beads. The collection exist of two necklaces, two bracelets, and six pairs of earrings.

Also I've had finally time to make photographs of the beautiful leather bracelets I brought from Argentina: 'Cuero Argentino'. They are available in 10 beautiful colors. 

Check it out!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Since three years my boyfriend and I have the tradition to not give each other presents for x-mas, instead we go to a good (read: Michelin-starred) restaurant together. We've been to Ivy and Parkheuvel. Last Saturday we went to Fred

Fred's interior. This was exactly the view we had! :-)

We had three beautiful courses. 
- Creamy minced veal with gherkins and capers, a crispy sesame wafer, homemade pickles and langoustines lightly braised in olive oil served with basil & lime mayonnaise.
- Thin sliced Irish oxtail steak marinated in a dressing of vintage balsamic vinegar with homemade filet americain, crispy bacon parmesan cheese and horseradish.

- Roasted sea bass with fried langoustine served with curry risotto and a langoustine crème
- Gently fried halibut served with a tartar of smoked Ijsselmeer Eel, beure blanc and beetroot

Desserts: I forgot!
One was a merengue with raspberries, poached rhubarb and a sorbet of yoghurt en lime. 

All was delicious!!

Creamy minced veal & langoustines

The bizarre ladies' room of Fred.
Mirrors everywhere!

Very special faucet

Moi in the ladies' 

In front of our beautiful graffiti-painting from Argentina! Looks like I've got horns :D
. . .

My outfit for the night:
Dress - H&M
Bolero - Hema
Tights - Hema
Shoes - Neotango
Necklace - Received for my birthday about 5 years ago
Ring - Juan Vellavsky Joyas

. . .

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great friends with great ideas!

I know this spontaneous super-enthousiastic girl with great ideas. She read my blog and straight away posted something great on my Facebook-wall. It's a DIY she did herself, and she thought it might be something for my blog... well, I can't resist people with awesome ideas, so here it is!

The idea actually comes from another blog, namely A Beautiful Mess ( I'm not sure if you're supposed to copy posts from other blogs, so hopefully it won't cause any problems :-S

Anyway, this DIY is a beautiful artwork that you can hang on your wall. It doesn't cost anything to make it, and my friend Hanke Arkenbout made a beautiful piece.

Beautiful artwork by Hanke Arkenbout!

To check out how you can make such a nice piece yourself, check out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working space is almost finished!

This week and the previous week I've been working very hard to create a working space for myself. Some little things still need to be done, but I think it already looks stunning!!

Quick pic!

I first made a mood-board. This gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration. I put it in a frame and hung it on the wall. 

My moodboard!

The colors were chosen from this mood-board. I used three colors of paint, all from Flexa Creations. For the wall I used Pure Cocoa. This color gives a rough effect to the space. Usually I just use a homebrand paint from the local DIY-shop, this time I didn't, and I'm very happy with it! Although this paint was a bit more expensive, I only needed to paint the wall once to get this stunning effect. The light pink is Sweet Desire. I used it for the cabinet and for the little piece of the wall on the right. Then there are some details in Retro Vibe. With this yellow/green-color I painted parts of the cabinet, but also parts of the sewing box (which you can see a little bit behind the chair). 

On the left you see two simple IKEA-pinbords on which I put a simple piece of cotton with a staple gun. On these I will put all my inspiration. There are already some bags of beads and other stuff there, which I am going to use for a few pieces of Delft blue jewelry I will make for a two girls joining a wedding with Delft blue as theme!

The reason I made this room is to work on my jewelry. You can find it on Before I was always working on the kitchen table, but I had to clean it up every time we needed to use the table.

It is not totally finished yet, I still need to do a little bit of painting and also I need some more light in the room. But I'm already so happy with the result so far!

First blog! Exciting :-)

This will be my first blog...

I start this blog because there are always a lot of things on my mind. 
There are websites and blogs on my list to visit, DIY-projects I want to do, I want to find out what kind of job I'd like to do in the near and further future, I've been wanting to walk into nature with my camera in the early morning for ages to take some beautiful pictures en to find inspiration for whatever. Also there are lot's of friends around the country that I want to visit more often, expositions I'd like to visit, all kinds of courses I'd like to attend and all these places to discover in my city.

And then there was this blog I wanted to start. Ready to tick that of my list!

Also for me it's a big surprise what this blog is going to contain... which makes it very exciting!

I'm sorry if my English isn't always right. It seemed a good idea to practice my English while I'm writing this blog.