Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful DIY jewelry-rack!

A couple of weeks ago I made this beautiful jewelry-rack which I wanted to share with you.

What do you need to make a jewelry-rack like this for yourself?
- a piece of three-ply wood of 1 cm thick the size you want to make your jewelry-rack
- all kind of hooks (I bought them at, a Dutch website where people sell mostly 2nd hand stuff)
- a tin of gloss paint in a color of your choice (preferably water-based paint, for environmental reasons), I used fuchsia, because it goes well together with our big flower wallpaper on the left
- little sharp screws (1 cm or smaller) to screw the hooks into the plywood
- I also used an old picture frame

First sand and degrease the plywood and the hooks. Paint it all with the gloss paint. I put three layers on the plywood, I didn't use primer, because I hadn't any. If you have primer, you'd better use it. The hooks I gave only one layer. You can still see a bit of the original surface below, but I quite like that. See below a handy way to paint the hooks in one go.

When you are finished with all the painting let it dry long enough (at least 24 hours). Then make a composition of the hooks on the plywood and screw them in.  And your jewelry-rack is ready! 

I've put it up on the wall with 5 screws.

As you can see, I've knotted a big ribbon on a little hook on the other site of my mirror to put my hair-clips on.


Good luck!! :)

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